Can you afford to risk losing your business over a fall-related incident?

With Roadpod, your crew can safely work at the ground level—improving productivity and saving you thousands! Find out how much now.

Take charge of your freight yard and increase your profits.

Load Freight Safely at Ground Level


Prevent falls—reducing Workcover, sick leave costs and lost man hours.

Reduce Truck Turnaround Time to 3-Minutes

Quickly unload trucks at ground level. Don’t make the costly mistake of keeping the truck driver waiting.

Pre-Pack & Store Future Loads

Cut truck loading time to 3 minutes. Traditional truck loading methods can take as long as 2 hours!

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Working at heights while loading trucks is not only dangerous, it's incredibly inefficient. 


Who uses Roadpod—and why they love it.


"Since the introduction of the Roadpod system, we have had zero fall-related incidents."

—David Wuiske, Langs Building Supplies